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The Llibreria Sant Jordi is a welcome haven for book lovers in the very heart of Barcelona. Lovingly furnished in 19th-century style, it offers a unique, personalised service right in the city centre.

Sadly, recent changes to rent regulations in Barcelona mean that the bookshop is now in danger of closing. A number of independent bookshops have had to close in the past year and have been replaced by multinational chain stores.

With every bookshop that closes, Barcelona loses a part of its heritage for ever. These establishments are key to the city’s cultural identity if it is to stand out in a world full of increasingly gentrified, nondescript cities.

Places like the Llibreria Sant Jordi help shape Barcelona’s unique landscape, as well as enriching its residents’ quality of life and attracting culturally keen tourists to the city. We are determined to save one of the few remaining bookshops in the city centre.

Thank you very much for doing your bit to help us.
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Suport a la Llibreria Sant Jordi / Apoyo a la Librería Sant Jordi

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